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Absence Reporting

Please report your child's absence! 

425-431-3517 or 425-431-7383, option 1

Leave a message with your child's name, teacher's names and the reason for the absence. 

You may also report the absence online:

Skyward Family Access

Notice of Absence

If a student is marked absent in the morning parents and guardians should expect an email, text message or phone call letting you know they are absent. If you notified the school of the absence it will be an absence confirmation, and if the school hasn't heard from you it will be an unexcused absence. 


Good attendance is essential for student success.  The attendance procedures at Seaview Elementary are designed to help students and parents recognize the importance of regular and prompt attendance and promote an environment of safety for the students by knowing their whereabouts during the school day.

Please call or input an online attendance request in Skyward Family Access by the morning of the absence.  An attendance line (425-431-3517) or the main office (425-431-7383, option 1) is available 24 hours a day. Please leave your child’s name, teacher’s name, and the reason for the absence.  If a call is not received, a robo call will be initiated to remind families to verify the whereabouts of the student and the reason for the absence.  

School district policy allows for notification of absence/tardy within two days of the student’s return to school. This can be done by call, note, or in person in the office.

Any student arriving after 8:10am should check in at the main office. An attendance slip will be given to the student which they give to their teacher upon entering their classroom. This lets the teacher know that the student has checked in at the office and the attendance record will be adjusted.

The criteria listed below guide schools in determining what is an excusable absence or tardy.  Having a parent simply excuse a child’s absence or tardy does not make it “excused” under district policy and state law.

  • Illness, health condition, or medical appointment.
  • Medical, dental or other appointment that cannot be scheduled before or after school.
  • Court or judicial proceeding.
  • Religious or cultural purpose, including observance of a religious or cultural holiday or participation in religious cultural instruction.
  • Family emergency, including but not limited to, death or illness in the family.
  • A prearranged absence or tardy.
  • Vacations during school days are discouraged and require prior principal approval.  Request for Absence forms are available in the Seaview office.
  • Oversleeping is an unexcused tardy/absence.
  • A large number of excused absences due to illness may require a doctor’s note.

The school tracks unexcused absences, excused absences, and tardies. Parent/guardians will receive written letters notifying them of the absences.  Letters will be sent requesting a conference to discuss absences.  The goal is to help students reduce absences and tardiness.

Why Attendance Matters

Students who miss school are not able to contribute to their classes, miss valuable instruction, and may drop out of school later and limit their future education and career opportunities.

What does Washington State law say about attending school?

Washington state compulsory law (RCW 28A. 225), states that all children under the age of seventeen (17) are required to attend school. The “Becca Bill”, is in place to support schools and families. Schools and families should work together as a team to ensure school attendance and student safety. If a student has unexcused absences, the law requires that schools and school districts take the following action:  

  1. Inform parent of state and district attendance policy.
  2. Notify parents of unexcused and excused absences.
  3. After the second unexcused absence, the school can schedule a conference to meet with parent/guardian and student.
  4. Schedule a conference after five (5) unexcused absences and enter into a written truancy agreement with the family.
  5. File a petition with the courts after the 7th unexcused absence in a month or 10th unexcused absence in a year


Please try to avoid morning doctor, dental or orthodontist appointments.  This time is dedicated to reading and math instruction. We discourage early dismissals from school, and request that doctor or dental appointments are made after school hours or on non-student days.  If this request is unavoidable, we ask that you communicate with the teacher that morning.  In this way, the teacher can plan for the child’s absence.  Parents finding it necessary to pick up their child early must check with the office first and sign the student out.


A school calendar has been provided to assist families in planning vacations during school breaks.  If you must take a vacation while school is in session of longer than 2 days, please submit a "Request for Excused Absence" form, which is available in the office, at least two weeks prior to your student’s absence.  The classroom teacher will note the student’s academic progress and whether the planned absence will have a negative impact on their learning.  The principal will make final decisions for vacation applications.

Early Student Release: 

We discourage having dental or doctor appointments during school hours or having the students excused for other reasons.  This is disruptive to teaching and learning in the classroom.  If however, due to scheduling conflicts, you must take your child out of school early, please check them out in the office.

School Board Policy 3122 - Excused and Unexcused Absences