Summer Reading 2019

Bailey’s Story

Chapter 1 & 2:

Who did Bailey meet first in chapter 2?  Would he have been a good owner? Use any details to help you with your answer.

Chapter 3 & 4:

What does Bailey do in the garage?  What do you think the family will say when they get home?  

Chapter 5 & 6

How did Ethan finally get Bailey to be quiet?  Is there parts of the text to support your answer?

Chapter 7 & 8

Is Ethan having a good summer?  How can you tell?

Chapter 9 & 10

What happened with Todd?  Do you think Ethan did the right thing?

Chapter 11& 12

How was Bailey's 2nd summer at the farm?  What in the text tells you how it was?

Chapter 13 & 14

At the end of chapter 13, what is the last line?  What do you think that means?

Chapter 15 & 16

Why do you think Ethan's schedule is changing so much?

Chapter 17 & 18

Why did Bailey attack Todd?  Do you think he should have?

Chapter 19 & 20

In chapter 19, based on Mom’s reaction in the last paragraph, what can you infer about how Ethan is doing?  

Favorite character and why?

Favorite part of the book?

A Night Divided

Chapters 1-5

Why do you think there was no warning about the fence going up?

Why had so many people already fled to West Berlin?

What is your opinion of officer Muller?

Chapters 6-10

Gerta thinks that her Papa was sending her a message to dig.  Do you agree or not? Why?

What did Fritz realize after being questioned by the Stasi?

On page 67 Gerta said, “I felt like a disease.  “Just as my father had infected me, I could now infect others.” What does she mean?

Chapters 11-15

Fritz and Viktor used to be friends.  What do you suppose has made Viktor change so much?

Why was it so difficult for Gerta to communicate with her father?

Do you think Papa buried a treasure that Gerta needs to find?  Why or why not?

Chapters 16-20

On page 109, Gerta said “Perhaps God still granted miracles to those behind the Iron Curtain.” Why can we infer from this statement?

What idea does Gerta suggest as a cover for why they’re going back and forth to that area?

Explain Gerta’s motive for being friendly to Anna at lunch?

Do you think it was a wise decision for Fritz to spend their money on overalls?  Justify your answer.

Chapters 21-25

What were the conditions for Fritz’s gardening permit?  How do you feel about these conditions? What does Gerta think about it?

On page 152, Gerta said, “I stayed hidden in the corner for several seconds, steeling my nerves.” What does that mean?

What was the solution for having so much laundry?

Chapters 26-30

What do you think was more important, a wheelbarrow or food?  Give reasons for your answer.

Do you agree with Fritz’s reasoning for buying a new shovel instead of stealing one?

What clues led Gerta to realize that Officer Muller had a family?

Chapters 31-35

How did mama react when she heard about the tunnel?

When the family returned from their walk, Stasi vehicles were in front of the building.  What was going on? How would you feel?

Were you surprised that the mother changed her attitude about escaping?  Do you agree with her?

Chapters 36-40

When the family determined that someone else must be tunneling also, Gerta seemed to think it could be Papa.  What were her reasons for thinking this? Do you agree with her conclusion?

How did you feel when Papa started singing Gerta’s song in the tunnel?

Do you think Fritz should have gone to see Claudia?  Why or why not?

Chapters 40-47

What character traits does dominic exhibit?  Justify your answer.

Explain the promise that Anna’s family made to the Stasi.  Do you think they were right in doing so? What do you think you would have done if you were in the same situation?

How did you feel when you found out Anna and her family chose to escape also?  What was their reason for doing so?

* Do you think something like this could happen in today’s time?  Why do you think as you do?

* How would the story be different if Gerta hadn’t interpreted her father’s dance as a sign for her to dig?

* Would you recommend this book to others?  Why or why not?