School Supply Lists 2017-18

School Supply Lists 2017-18
Posted on 07/06/2017


(Name labels not needed unless indicated)

2          Boxes of 10 thick kindergarten crayons (including pink)

1          Box of 10 large, unscented markers (including pink and gray)

1          Pair of scissors with name label

Daily    Provide an easy to eat HEALTHFUL snack (NO NUTS)

1          8 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer

8          Small WHITE glue sticks (not liquid glue)

3          LARGE containers of baby wipes

1          Package of gallon zip-lock bags

1          Package of sandwich zip-lock bags

1          Backpack

1          Pocket folder for take-home papers with name label

2          Large boxes of tissue

2          Pink Pearl Erasers

1          Box of watercolor paints with name label

3-4       BLACK Expo dry erase whiteboard markers

1          Ream of white copy paper

$5.25   Scholastic magazine subscription (checks payable to Edmonds School District) 


24        #2 Pencils - SHARPENED

1          Box Crayons

1          Markers, Washable, Wide Tip (Classic Colors)

1          Paint Set – Watercolors with brush (Crayola preferred)

1          Backpack

1          Pair of Scissors  (left handed for left handed child)

12        Glue sticks

1          Box of Tissue to be shared

2          Packages baby wipes to be shared

2          Pee Chee Type Folder

2          Pink Erasers

10        BLACK BOLD SKINNY Expo dry erase whiteboard markers

1          Ream white copy paper

1          Zip-lock bag-sandwich or gallon size

$4.00 cash for Scholastic News Magazine


Mrs. Morgan’s class – please label materials with your name

Mr. Kelly class will share materials

Mr. Murphy’s class will share materials


2          Pocket folders for papers

1          Wide-ruled, single subject spiral notebooks
1          Pair scissors
12 or more #2 pencils SHARPENED with erasers. 

2          Pink Pearl erasers

1          Set of watercolor paints (Crayola preferred)

1          Box of crayons (64 box preferred)
8           regular size glue sticks

1          12-inch ruler with a metric and inch scale

1          Large box of Kleenex (250 sheets) to be shared by the class

5 or more BLACK Expo dry erase whiteboard markers

2          Containers of Baby Wipes

1          Set of washable markers

1          Ream white copy paper

1          Highlighter

1          Box colored pencils

$5.00   cash or check made payable to Edmonds School District for Scholastic Magazine subscription


1          large package of sticky notes

1          12” ruler with inches and centimeters

3          Doz. #2 YELLOW TICONDEROGA PENCILS (please sharpen)

3           Folders with pockets at the bottom

2          Eraser, pink, large

6          Glue sticks

1          Large box of tissues

1          Baby Wipes (girls only)

1          Zip lock sandwich size bags (boys only)

3          Black Sharpie pen (fine point)

4          EXPO Dry Erase Markers-low odor

1          Pair scissors (pointed)

1          Box watercolor paint set

1         Box crayons 24 count

3          Wide ruled composition notebooks (plus 1 spiral-Thorbeck only)

1          Box of colored pencils

1          Package of Wide ruled lined paper

1          Set of 10 Crayola markers

1          Ream of white copy paper

2          Hand held pencil sharpeners

A check for $4.00 made out the Edmonds School District (ESD) for a subscription to National Geographic Magazine


This coming 2017-18 school year; the 4th grade team is continuing with a process we started last year and have found to be successful!  We are asking you to send in a check of $25.00 (made out to the Edmonds School District) to cover the cost of the basic school supplies (student planner, pencils, scissors, glue, markers, etc.) used in the classroom, thus Reducing the headaches of Back-To-School shopping for parents. Our plan is to buy in bulk and provide better quality of materials for students. We are asking you to provide the following for you child:

  • Three ring binder (1 ½” – 2”) with zipper
  • Hand-held pencil sharpener
  • Box of crayons
  • Package of baby-wipes
  • Large box of Kleenex
  • Personal set of ear buds or head phones

Thank You,

Ms. Fike & Ms. Lowery 



*add student name

1        2” Binder, 3 ring (zipper close, if possible)

1        Handheld (non-electric) pencil sharpener

1        Box crayons

1        Calculator, Solar (optional)

1        Set of ear buds

$30 check- payable to ESD for student planner and all other student supplies such as notebooks, markers, art supplies, paper, pencils, glue, scissors, etc.


1        Large Boxes tissue

1        Ream of white copy paper

1        Baby wipes


Hand sanitizer

Ziploc bags


1         Ream of white computer paper

1          2 inch 3-ring notebook

1          Pencil pouch that clips into 3-ring notebook

1          12-inch ruler metric and inches that clips into 3-ring notebook                     

1          Hand held pencil sharpener (non-electric)

2          3-ring notebook paper wide rule (may need refills during the year)

2          Set notebook dividers (7+)

12        Black ballpoint pens

36        Pencils – SHARPENED

1          Eraser, Pink, large

5          Composition Books

1          Set markers

1          Box colored pencils 24 ct. or more

1          Small box crayons

1          Set of oil pastels (25 or larger, Pentel suggested)

3          Marker, Black Sharpies (1 ultra fine point, 2 fine point)

1          Small pencil box (must fit in extra drawer)

3          glue sticks

1          Pair scissors 7¼”, Pointed      

1          Large box Kleenex (to be shared by the class)                                   

2          Folders with pockets

$4.00 for Student Planner (Make checks payable to ESD)

Please make sure that your name is written on all items BEFORE you come to school.

Supply List For Seaview 1st-3rd  Grade Intensive Support Class (Ms. Foster)

*starred items are shared by the whole class

We will provide each child with a binder.  Please do not send in things that are not on the list below.

*1 bottle of Elmer’s Glue (no glue sticks please)

*1 ream of 20 pound white copy paper

*12 Ticonderoga #2 pencils (these do not break as easily as the cheaper brands)

1 box of 16 crayons (Crayola Brand)

1 pair of 6” Fiskar scissors with pointed ends,

1 sturdy back pack

*2 boxes of Kleenex

* 2 Costco Sized boxes/sacks of healthy snacks such as graham crackers, chewy

granola bars, fruit bars, wheat things, microwave nonfat popcorn, goldfish

crackers, Cheese-Its, pretzels, animal crackers, tortilla chips, etc. 

You can send in the store brand , which is cheaper.  The children do not

notice the difference. 

(No sugary snacks like cookies or fruit snacks, nothing with nuts due to a nut allergy.)

Your child will also need the following items at home for homework.







Intermediate Intensive Support Classroom

Parents: Please come the day before school with your family to see me and bring your supplies at that time or send  all the supplies with your child on the first day of school. 

Be sure to clearly mark personal items such as a backpack and lunchbox with your child’s name using a permanent marker.  You can use last year’s pencil box, scissors, and head phones.


$4.00 for school planner (make checks out to Edmonds School District) 

2-Pee-Chee type folders with bottom pockets (no prongs)      

1-2 inch binder 

2- Large pink erasers

1-Pair of headphones

1-Package of pencil top erasers

1-Pair of pointed Scissors (Fiskars)

6-Glue sticks

1-Box of Crayola colored pencils

1-Box of Crayola crayons

4-Dozen #2 Ticonderoga pencils

1-Hand held pencil sharpener

1- Pencil box or pouch

1- Package of 8 binder dividers

1- Package of wide ruled binder paper

4-Boxes of Kleenex

1-Ream of 20lb white copy paper


Karen Farrar, Special Ed. Teacher

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