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Supply Lists

Seaview Elementary School


(Name labels not needed unless indicated)
$6.00   Scholastic magazine subscription (checks payable to Edmonds School District)

2          Boxes of 24 Crayola crayons

1          Boxes of 10 unscented markers

1          Pair of scissors

8          Small WHITE glue sticks (not liquid glue)

1          Box of watercolor paints

1          Backpack

1          Pocket folder for take-home papers

Please label all school supplies above with your child’s name

1          Package of unscented baby wipes

Daily    Provide an easy to eat HEALTHFUL snack (NO NUTS and PEANUTS)


24        #2 Pencils-SHARPENED

1          Box Crayola crayons (48 count)

1           Box colored pencils

1          Backpack

2          Pack Glue sticks

3          Pee-Chee Type Folder (folder w/ 2 pockets)

1          Pink Erasers

1          Pack BLACK BOLD Expo dry erase whiteboard markers (thick or thin)-low odor

1          Pencil sharpener w/catch

1          Water Color Paint set (Crayola, preferred)

8-10     Washable markers

2        Black sharpies    

1        Package of baby wipes

1          Pair headphones

$3.00 Cash or check made payable to ESD for writing journal (teacher will purchase)


2          Pocket folders for papers

1          Wide-ruled, single subject spiral notebook

12 or more #2 pencils SHARPENED with erasers. 

2          Pink erasers

1          Set of watercolor paints

2         Black sharpies

1          Box of crayons (64 box preferred-not larger than 64)

8         regular size glue sticks

1          12-inch ruler with a metric and inch scale

5 or more BLACK dry erase whiteboard markers

1          Set of washable markers

1        Highlighter

1          Box colored pencils

1          Hand-held pencil sharpener

1          Pair headphones  

1          Pair of scissors

1          Black and White Composition Notebook

Third Grade Supply List 2023-2024

●        Pencils-2 dozen pre-sharpened Ticonderoga pencils

●        Hand held pencil sharpener

●        2 folders with pockets on the bottom

●        Crayons-box of 24 (no larger,please!)

●        Color pencils-box of 12

●        Markers-box of 8 or 10

●        Wired headphones or earbuds (non Bluetooth)

  We do not use binders or pencil boxes in 3rd grade so no need to bring either.

Fourth Grade Supply List 2023-2024 

Please label all personal supplies with student’s name

1-over the ear headphones (not bluetooth)

2-composition books (preferably two different colors)

2-two pocket folders (preferably two different colors)

1-box of colored pencils 

1- package of glue sticks to share

1-pack of 24 or more Ticonderoga pencils to share

1- Package Wide-Ruled Loose Leaf Paper to share

1-Ruler Metric/US customary


1-pack of erasers (pencil cap or pink pearl)

1-package of black expo markers to share

optional - a pencil box

optional - scissors

optional - mechanical pencil and their own lead

optional - hand held pencil sharpener

 $5.00 for Student Planner (Cash or checks payable to ESD)


Headphones-try to label them with your name!

3-composition books

2-two pocket folders

1-box of colored pencils 

1- package of glue sticks

24 -Ticonderoga pencils

1-Ruler Metric/US customary


optional - mechanical pencil with your own supply of lead

$5.00 for Student Planner (Cash or checks payable to ESD)

Fifth Grade Supply List 2023-2024  

1          2 inch 3-ring notebook (zipper close may be helpful for organization)*      

1         3-ring binder pouch w/zipper (needs to fit in binder and hold pencils, glue, etc.

1          Set notebook dividers (8)

3          Highlighters- 1 yellow and 2 additional colors (green, blue, pink, orange)

50        Pencils – SHARPENED   (Ticonderoga brand is great- store brands often splinter and break very easily.)

1 pkg(5-10)   Pencil-top erasers

1          Large pink eraser (or similar)*

5          Composition Notebooks (wide ruled, 120 sheets/240 pages)*

1          Box colored pencils 24 ct. or more*

4          Black Sharpies (2 ultra fine point, 2 fine point)

3          Glue sticks 

6          Expo whiteboard markers

1          Set of earbuds or headphones*                                                                                                                         

1          Set markers and/or small  box crayons (no larger than 64 count)*

1          Watercolor Set

1           Handheld pencil sharpener (non-electric or battery, operated)*

$5.00 for Student Planner (cash or checks payable to ESD)

*Please make sure that your name is written on items with an asterisk BEFORE you come to school.

Sixth Grade Supply List 2023-2024  

This is a very minimal list and parents will need to resupply throughout the year.

1          1 1/2 or 2 inch 3-ring binder

1          Pencil pouch that clips into 3-ring notebook

1          12-inch ruler- metric and inches- that clips into 3-ring notebook                       

1          Hand held pencil sharpener (non-electric)

1          Package wide rule paper (3-ring filler paper)

1          Set notebook dividers (7+)

2          Black ballpoint pens

24+      Pencils (Ticonderoga) – SHARPENED

1          Eraser, Pink, large

2          Composition Books

1          Set markers

1          Box colored pencils

1          Small box crayons 

3          Black Sharpies (1 ultra fine point, 2 fine point)

1          Small pencil box (must fit in extra drawer)

6          glue sticks

1          Pair scissors 7¼”, pointed                                                                     

1          Earbuds

$5.00 for Student Planner (Cash or checks payable to ESD)

Primary Intensive Support Supply List 2023-2024  

Welcome to our Primary Intensive Support Class 2023/2024.  

Students are asked to bring the following supplies to school:

  • A sturdy backpack
  • $10 for supplies
  • A set of headphones to use with our chrome books.
  • A pee-chee style folder to send papers hone.

Intermediate Intensive Support Supply List 2023-2024

We will use leftover supplies from previous years (pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, paper, scissors, glue sticks, etc.). Mr. Nam will make a bulk order to replenish needed supplies (composition books, crayons, markers, etc.). 

We are asking you to provide the following supplies for your child:

●        1 pencil case

●        1 Reusable Water Bottle

●        1 Headphones or Earbuds (to use with computer)

●        Sneakers/Tennis Shoes to wear for PE.

●        $10 cash or check payable to Edmonds School District for bulk order supplies.

Please let me know if you cannot find or provide any of the following items.  We'll work together to make sure your child is set up for success.